I’m considering running an Owncast live streaming server and would love the advice and experience of anyone that’s already running one. (please boost to reach target audience)

A few questions if you don’t mind…

How often do you stream and for hours long?

What’s the average amount of bandwidth you use per stream?

Who do you host with?

And if it’s not too private of a question, what is your average monthly cost?

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

@Mrfunkedude I didn't know about this software until your toot got boosted. Looks like I have some experimentation to do!

@Mrfunkedude installed. I'm going to do some tests, perhaps I can get you some answers shortly.

@tikke Did you install it from your own server at home or from a hosting provider?


@Mrfunkedude I installed it in my home lab for the moment. Right now, it doesn't appear to eat much but some stress may change that.

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