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So, this is going to be an extension of my introduction. I've been posting a lot of my sketches and quick work but ... how about a complete work. A piece of artwork I actually have sold for money?

Here is a picture I did for FC 2020 depicting a dystopian far future world of food delivery. 8 weeks of work, not 5 minutes. XD

Received 20% morale boost. Thank you OmegaMart!

Looks like some serious shit is about to go down at the in Arizona!

Day 1 of vacation starting in Santa Clarita...

It's not frequent that I start a restaurant review with "Despite the weird smells..."

I've even been ignoring my normal Discord homes, including the ones I've started! I'm finding it hard to reach out and talk to people despite a desire to do such. And usually engaging with people comes with a ticking clock.

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I haven't been able to generate enough to engage my normal community, only one person at a time for the most part.

I really hope this upcoming vacation helps. I want things to go back to normal.

Happy Boston Is Now In The Correct Timezone Again Day!

The paradox of is: consider a button with a label on it. Does the label indicate the present condition that the button is in or what happens if it's pushed?

I personally would _love_ to stay in that mode, as much as possible.

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Remember, when it comes to Daylight Savings Time ... it's not the fact that we're on a new cycle that's the problem and is not your enemy, it's the fact that we keep changing back and forth.

Personally, I love having more daylight in the evening ... more time to exercise, enjoy my bicycle and motorcycle ... more time to enjoy nature, more time to enjoy air and enjoy .

It's hard enough to do these exercises and things when it's pitch black, or rather, less enjoyable ...

Anti-capitalist affirmations 

"I will not let society decide what success looks like. I can
define what a successful life looks like for me."

"My worth cannot be measured by my paycheck, my job
title, or a list of professional or academic achievements."

"I do not need to monetise my hobbles, it is enough to spend
time doing something i love."

#AntiCapitalism #AntiCapitalist

And right now, not being there is damaging my ability to reach out to fellow artists, to grow my brand, to become more than I am today. Networking with others is already really hard for an introvert like me already ...

but ... so be it.

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Basically, Twitter has become the Evil Company I used to work for back in 2000, only at least 10x worse. That Evil Company destroyed me and damaged me for life. I still have damage to my self-efficacy. I can't imagine what this is doing for those that remain or are required to remain through whatever logistical reasons.

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"No one knows who’s next for the chop. Managers were recently told to provide a list of people who ought to be promoted, says one former staff member still in touch with some who remain working. Little did they realise they were signing their own death warrant: many of those managers were subsequently fired and replaced by those they’d recommended, as part of a cost-cutting drive."

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Really, I just can't. I know that the whole world is still on Twitter, but when I read things like this .... it's ... really hard to justify any sort of return. Especially poignant:

good evening,

you're listening to the ADHD Internal Monologue F.M. with me, DJ subconscious,

speaking all your thoughts,



24 hours a day,

from classics like "why did i say that?",

and goldest oldies like "am i a horrible person?"

to today's hottest hits,

"what the hell am i doing with my life?"

and "am i hungry or am i bored?"

stay tuned,


ADHD radio.

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