Things are not good, but they’re not bad. They just… are.

Intrusive thoughts have come aknockin’ again.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments yesterday. I really appreciate it!

Despite not contributing anything concrete to the world, I hope that I’m still contributing to the people in my life.

I know this goes out without saying, but work can be really frustrating.

Am I losing solid ground or being given the opportunity to fly?

Almost deleted this account, but then realized there was a very specific reason I have it. I’m going to stop using it though. Peace.

Is it better to keep your hand or play the field?

Making friends is easy. Keeping friends is hard.

I can’t believe it’s 3 PM on Sunday! Where did my Saturday go?!

Might have to look for a new job soon… this place is sinking like the Titanic…

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