Had a good conversation and things are moving forward.

Had a good conversation I think. Hopefully things will improve.

How long is too long to hold out hope? How long of a chance should be given?

I don’t sleep enough of weekdays and sleep too much on weekends.

Pros and cons of Mastadon:
Pro: It allows me to see more things I’m actually interested in and isn’t littered with “retweets”.
Con: I feel isolated. Each “server” is on its own little island with little room to explore.
Pro: The company isn’t evil?
Con: There isn’t enough of a community on here.
Con: While Twitter is user friendly as far as functionality, I feel like you have to know how to use Mastadon for it to be effective. I prefer platforms that are idiot proof. I don’t know what I’m doing

So, my brain finally decides to give things a chance… and then too tired.

My brain won’t let me be happy. It just won’t.

And I know people who are way way busier I am, so I can’t imagine how they feel. I definitely sympathize.

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Weekends if I’m not sleeping, I’m food shopping, working a second job, playing a TTRPG, or visiting family. When I do have free time (and when I say free time, I mean time completely to myself where I have no obligations) I play a game, watch tv, play vr, or catch up on phone or laptop stuff. I don’t get to do that often anymore. I miss it.

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I think I may be spreading myself too thin. Here’s my schedule:
00 ‘til 3 or 4: Tikke Time or TTRPG
3 or 4 ‘til 6:55: Sleep
6:55 ‘til 7:55: Eat, brush teeth, get dressed, and pack
7:55 ‘til 8:30 to 9: Travel to work
8:30 to 9: Open the office
9 ‘til 17: Work
17 ‘til 18: Travel home
18 ‘til 21: Sleep
21 ‘til 00: Eat, brush teeth, shower

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