For those that know me, is there a preferred type of content I have drawn that y'all like? I'd like to know if there is something I should try to specialize in.

Minor political opinion (but politics nonetheless, sorry) 

I have reached a point now where any time a political ad shows the words "dangerously liberal" that becomes my number 1 candidate for voting.

Conservatives are the worst and I would really like to hope more people become cognizant of this in this state... but I doubt it. Hopeful for the next generation, at least.

Nerd Fallacy 

It's all just so fragile, and I always carry guilt around me just for wanting to hang out and chill with people or make a cool thing. It is not uncommon for me to just wanna not interact with anyone at all as a result of people just incapable of being able to forgive each other. It sucks and I don't like it even though I know it is a completely unavoidable side effect of having any kind of social life. Knowing I can't really fix it doesn't help the mood.

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Nerd Fallacy 

Feeling burned out and sad lately. I know the nerd fallacy about friends and friend spaces but managing these spaces and the need to do so really does hurt my soul on a fairly deep level. I can never hang out with all the people I care about at the same time. I have to carefully ration it out piecemeal and keep a mental tab of who tolerates who, constantly, lest I make a mistake and cause a problem I have to carefully mediate from feelings inadvertently hurt by my actions.

Because I always forget hashtags... Repost rather than redraft. Finished this commission for @tikke

That feeling of burnout has got me pretty bad. I'm still gonna power through and get shit done, as much as I can anyways.

I really don't know how I'm supposed to stay apolitical in a world this screwed up. This is my home. This is my niece and nephew's future.

Politics, Actual House Bill, Florida It's real bad. Like, real, real bad. State government controls tenure of faculty. Teaching or statements that revolve around diversity training, equity, gender studies, or anything they consider CRT, banned and will deny any funding if they catch wind of it. It's really, REALLY bad. This state is beet red, so it will probably pass.

It was never, ever about the children.

Expect to see this country-wide.

Yo. I fucking love Adam Conover. Dude gets my hyped and I always learn some cool shit.

I'm so tired of drowning in bad news. Gimme something good and nice, I'm begging.

Let people live their lives and enjoy things under the caveat that their actions do not harm other people. "Existence in the same dimension as" is not harm.

So sick of moral panics. Like, in general.

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